Saturday, July 2, 2011

Bova Furniture

One of Bova Furniture selections that they have captivated their customers with, are surely the Bova Furniture Sofas.

Calia Nicoletti Midas Sofa Group is a brand tha was founded 1965 by Liborio Vincenzo Calia. He begin his career by making

Sofa. Out of over fifty years of experience the Italian Homes came as a brand that stands out with it's recognizable style

and quality. The synergy of tradition and modern technology bring out the best of both worlds, of past and present, in

Bova Furniture. What experience powers, and thinks the modern machines put into vivid objects that bring out admiration and

joy in everyone who comes close to Bova Furniture Sofas. A lovely Mediterranean town in Italy, Matera was the place where

Liborio Vincenzo Calia made his very first sofa. Ever since then, the beauty has evolved, and so did the needs of modern

client. Times are hanging, but the tradition and experience only grows higher and better, and this is what brought an

international recognition to Bova Furniture as well as to Vincenzo. Five things everyone values the most are Bova

Furniture quality, the innovations in the appearance, the design itself, the high value and the top comfort. The passion

with which this furniture is manufactured with, the authenticity, the selectivity in materials and methods, in order to

come out with the best possible solution in every challenge, and the ever-present attention to details is what makes it

stand out and brings smiles to customers, as well as to faces of those involved in every aspect of producing, and offering

Bova Furniture throughout all of these decades.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bova Furniture


Since the early 1970's Bova Furniture is offering it's customers a contemporary modern design of it's finest furniture pieces combining innovations, effectiveness and distinguishing style. Bova Furniture offers a wide range of  many furniture categories divided into main categories such as Bova furniture LIVING, Bova Furniture DINING, BEDROOM, Bova Furniture OFFICE assortment,  STORAGE, LIGHTING, Bova ACCESSORIES, And Bova Furniture "OUTDOOR".

Formed over 30 years ago this family-owned company has been making efforts to put some of the most appealing home and office furniture on the market, with respecting the customer wishes, and needs at the very same time. Bova Furniture is earning it's high reputation among it's buyers every day, although it's name is still not recognized and popular enough when we take the beauty of their designs into consideration

With beautiful high square-footage, and well equipped stores spread in some of the major cities of United States, like Dallas, Atlanta, Cincinnati, and Washington DC, and their well trained staff, Bova Furniture offers a high value shopping experience for anyone who is not ready to sacrificed neither the prices, neither the products quality and style, and neither the customer service offered by the Bova Furniture company.

Designing high-end European sofas, beds, chairs, cupboards, and many other types of furniture is what they do best in this company, but it comes up as so much more in the end. Their approach to the customers and their overall experience is what takes them a long way ahead. Their designs and contemporary and modern European stylish furniture eye-candies manufactured out of high-quality pieces of wood, leather and metal. Their roughs are made to last a lifetime, and some of their solutions and approaches towards design of the everyday items you use will take your breath away with it's beauty and simply make you fall in love with them forever.
North America is a huge market for furniture brands, manufacturers, and companies, but it is also a great deal of effort, knowledge and respect to the customers that can get one to the top. The competition in the furniture industry is outstanding, so make no mistake, if someone is greatly recognized, it must mean they got more than just the ability to produce good furniture. The four pillars of success of a company are quality, selection, style and service. All four of these need to meet the highest standards if you mean to come among the top brands in this industry. A company that is proud of their roots, and has high goals set for the future will always be one of those.

If you want quality, style and beauty accompanied with a great attitude towards you, then Bova Furniture will make you come back for more after purchasing at their stores.